Hi everyone,

I have a few updates to the instructions I sent the other day.

When you see the additional shift information, you will need to select yes or no, depending if you are volunteering for additional shifts.  You should also receive an email for each shift requested.  If you do not receive a confirmation email, DO NOT repeat your volunteer request.  Please send me an email with the shift number and I will review the report.

The most important thing is when you click on submit, you should now see the message “thank you for your registration”.  At this point do not hit the back button/arrow.  If you end up at the submit screen, your sign up will be duplicated.  The donation page is next, so if you are unable to donate then close your browser or exit the internet.  

If you find you need to cancel a shift (I understand things happen or you forget a prior appointment), instead of completing the Cancel Sign-Up request, just email me and I will cross you off my report.

If you have questions or issues, please contact me.