Welcome to Momentum School Uniforms! 
This online store is Back to School Clothing Drive’s newest program and we couldn’t be more excited about it! After 20 years of selling school uniforms and clothing basics to hundreds of partner schools, we are now offering the same high-quality, low-cost merchandise to retail customers. What makes this store special is that ALL proceeds from Momentum School Uniforms are invested right back into our non-profit program! So every purchase made at Momentum helps underwrite our annual “New Clothes, New Beginnings” distribution and helps us expand our services to reach more of Arizona’s students.

Parents: Now you can get everything your student needs at the prices you want! Best of all, you can feel great about your Momentum School Uniforms purchase knowing that you’re helping to break down the barriers to educational equality for high-need students throughout  Arizona. Click on the logo to start shopping and use promo code FIRST15 to get 15% off your first order!

Schools: You’ll be amazed at how far you can stretch your clothing closet budget! Why spend your McKinney-Vento, school district, and local foundation dollars at a retailer who keeps the profit for themselves? Buy from Momentum School Uniforms and support our “New Clothes, New Beginnings” distribution that gives thousands of students new clothes and school supplies each summer! Best of all, we’re an approved vendor through Phoenix Elementary School District #1. If you reference RFP 003-1819, you can bypass the requirement for three quotes per the Business Services Department. If your school is a member of the Greater Phoenix Purchasing Consortium of Schools, you can also reference RFP 003-1819 and eliminate the process of obtaining three quotes. Not sure if your school is a member? Look here

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