Welcome to Momentum School Uniforms, a social enterprise program powered by Back to School Clothing Drive, a 501c3 Arizona nonprofit corporation located in Phoenix, Arizona. You now can do more as you purchase school uniforms for your child. When you buy through Momentum, you give the exact same item to a child in need that attends one of the Back to School Clothing Drive 140+ partner schools that benefit from our programs. We believe in your desire to support the community and to invest in future educators, scientists, and pilots, whatever a child’s mind can dream.

Click on the retail store if you are a Parent looking to buy uniforms for your child.

Click on the Wholesale store if you are shopping on behalf of one of our member schools and member of the SAFE Program.

Create Momentum
Help build a better world.

Momentum is a natural motion that occurs when people work together for a common good. We see the roughness of kids as they begin their school journey, unrefined, still unpolished, so full of ideas and dreams. With a little push, we give them forward motion towards achieving something greater than their circumstance. They aspire and go beyond their family’s economic or social constraints. That is Momentum.

Sometimes it takes a little nudge, a helping hand, to launch a new phase in life, a new school year. Buy your school uniforms at Momentum and let’s build a better world.