About Student Attire for Education (S.A.F.E.)

The Student Attire for Education (SAFE) Program is an exclusive matching grant program of the Back-To-School Clothing Drive. The unique social enterprise benefits Title 1 public elementary schools that have mandatory school uniform policies. Through our SAFE program, schools can receive a grant matching funding, or discounted pricing, of up to 50 percent of a purchase to buy school uniforms for their clothing closets. In order to do so schools must shop in our online retail store, Momentumschooluniforms.com.

Who qualifies for the SAFE program?

Title I public elementary schools are eligible to participate in the SAFE Matching Grant Program. Funding and discounts for the program varies annually depending upon donor investments.  These clothes benefit children who come to schools without the appropriate clothing. The program supports families who cannot afford to purchase the required uniforms or clothing. More than 260 Maricopa Title I public elementary schools are members of our SAFE Matching Grant Program. Well over 20,000 children now receive the clothes they need through this unique program. 

What has changed?

We have re-branded the online retail store now called Momentumschooluniforms.com, formerly backtoschoolstore.org, to now offer sales to schools on a wholesale basis (SAFE) and now to the public on a buy one give one basis, similar to the Toms Shoes model.

About the Program

Schools receive a matching grant to purchase clothing for kids that come to school without the appropriate school attire. With this grant, schools can boost their buying power by 50 percent to serve the clothing needs of their students when they purchase the clothes through our exclusive online retail store, momentumschooluniforms.com. With a successful record of accomplishment and relationships, Back to School Clothing Drive remains the only nonprofit organization in the Valley and nation that provides this unique support to local elementary schools.