About Student Attire for Education (S.A.F.E.)

An Exclusive School Uniform Program of the Back to School Clothing Drive
The Student Attire for Education (S.A.F.E.) Program is an exclusive matching grant program of the Back-To-School Clothing Drive. The unique program benefits Title 1 public elementary schools that have mandatory school uniform policies. Through our S.A.F.E. program, schools can receive a grant matching funding of up to 50 percent of a purchase to buy school uniforms for their clothing closets. In order to do so schools must shop in our exclusive online retail store. These clothes are provided to children who come to schools without the appropriate clothing, or who’s family cannot afford to purchase the required uniforms or clothing. More than 260 Maricopa Title I public elementary schools are members of our S.A.F.E. Matching Grant Program. Well over 30,000 children now receive the clothes they need through this unique program.

How the Matching Grant Program Works

INSTRUCTIONS: Please read before shopping at www.backtoschoolstore.org

Back to School Clothing Drive (BTSCD) has restructured its unique school-focused matching grant program. The realignment provides a more streamlined ordering, fulfillment and matching grant program that will provide the highest levels of support and service to member schools. Today, more than 260 Title I public elementary schools are members of the BTSCD S.A.F.E. Matching Grant Program.

Who qualifies for the S.A.F.E. program?

Title I public elementary schools are eligible to participate in the S.A.F.E. Matching Grant Program. Funding for the program varies annually depending upon donor investments. If all funds are committed at the time you apply for the matching grant, your school will be placed on the waiting list and notified once funds are available.

Schools may still buy merchandise through our online retail store while you are on the waiting list. Those purchases will be on a straight sale basis without a match. For example, school districts that have Homeless Federal and State funds or other funding are can purchase merchandise directly from Back to School Clothing Drive and take advantage of our reduced pricing.

What has changed?

The new matching grant program provides a 50 percent match on your dollar. The percentage match that BTSCD provides is driven by the amount of funding from investors/donors to carry out the program. The match continues the BTSCD program and increases the number of schools the program can support. The previous match of 100 percent is reduced due to the amount of funding available.

In addition to this realignment, there is no longer any carryover balance of grant funds from BTSCD from prior years. All carryover balances of unused grant commitments from prior year have been sunset.

Schools now must spend their funds in no more that two orders so you can purchase clothing for the spring and then later in the fall or other convenient timeline. You may also spend all of your money at one time should you choose.

Shipping costs are now added to each order and is $20.00 for EACH order. The shipping cost should be factored into the overall purchase total and total Purchase Order amount to spend.

Finally, BTSCD has implemented new pricing for its uniforms, the first increase in over five years. Districts that have a current contract or RFP pricing in place with BTSCD will remain at those prices will be billed at those contract prices and settled at invoicing.

About the Program

Schools receive a matching grant to purchase clothing for kids that come to school without the appropriate school attire. With this grant, schools can boost their buying power by 50 percent to serve the clothing needs of their students when they purchase the clothes through our exclusive SAFE online retail store. With a long track record of success and relationships, Back to School is the only nonprofit organization in the Valley and nation that provides this unique support to local elementary schools.

Through our retail store you may purchase polo shirts in a variety of colors, shorts, pants, belt, sweatshirts, backpacks, sneakers, bomber and fleece jackets, and school supply pouches. We also have non-uniform clothes to accommodate Title 1 schools that do not have uniform policies.