Back to School Clothing Drive provides on-site corporate backpack stuffing volunteer events for organizations and companies seeking an employee volunteer opportunity. We come to you by bringing  the volunteer experience of stuffing backpacks on your corporate campus or in your office. Join other organizations like Charles Schwab, Freeport McMoran, Cox Communications, and others who have created a fun and fulfilling experience for their employees without leaving the campus or office. Here’s how it works:

Determine a volunteer day and hours for your site/office.

Determine the number of backpacks you would like to complete during your volunteer day.

Your company donates or grants BTSCD funding to purchase the school supplies and backpacks for the volunteer day.

BTSCD purchases the items, and we bring the entire operation to you! Each volunteer day typically takes 3-4 hours. Shifts can be built around those times for greater participation. Contents of the backpacks include: Pencils, crayons, rulers, spiral bound notebooks, erasers, scissors, pencil sharpeners, combs, brushes, and a dental hygiene kit that includes toothpaste, tooth brushes, dental floss, and dental hygiene educational materials. Backpack events typically produce between 1,000 and 3,000 backpacks over a 3-4 hour session. 

Get started by contacting Robert Smith, at, to get your planning started! Download  our Corporate Backpack Stuffing Flyer for your use!

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