Hi everyone! It is that time!  Our last meeting is this Saturday from 9-12 and we will NOT be having a sit down meeting.  Too much stuff in the area!  Please bring in all your inventory and pick up supplies for the summer.  But I also want you all to work on some of your stuff this summer.  MM, maybe we should have a show tell at our September meeting??  I am sure we all need a break.   Any late creations can be brought into our sew day at BTSCD on June 27.  I would prefer NOT to have inventory brought in during distribution.  If you have a conflict, please reach out to me via email or text me at 602-339-8746.  As you all know, I am going through some serious medical issues right now but I am hopeful all will be well by distribution.

Little change to distribution this year.  We will see smiley faces from 8:00AM -3:00PM on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday only.  No evening shifts.  You will need to sign up online and I am noting the instructions below.  If you have any questions, please reach out and I will reply as soon as I can.  If you want a special “job”, email me that request after you have submitted your shift request.

Log into the Back to School Clothing Drive website

In the top menu, hover over “Support” and select “Volunteer”

Please take the time to read all of this page including the volunteer information sheet.  This will give you alot of information on our event. Write down the shift number for the date and time frame you want to volunteer.

Scroll to the bottom of the page and select “Volunteer Sign up”

Fill in your personal information. DO NOT use any punctuation, spaces only. 

At “Organization”, drop down and select “Stitches of Love”

Shifts with shift numbers are listed again with date/times.  They probably will be out of order but Stitches has shifts 1-8.  If you see more than that, you are in the wrong area and need to return.  As of right now shift 8 is incorrect.  It should be dated for 7/18 which is the clean up shift. If you see the date has been corrected, please go ahead and select it.  If you see that a shift is full, please email me that you want to volunteer for that shift.  I know last year we had duplicate signups resulting in full shifts that unless you were cloning yourself, they were not full! 

Towards the bottom you will see “What shift would you like to sign up for” drop down and you will see all the shift numbers listed.  You can select only 1 shift.  If you are bringing a minor (they need to be at least 10 and they will need to stay with you at all times) or a spouse (tell them they are under 14) you can put their name in there.  

You will see a selection “I’d like to sign up for another shift” click on the drop down, click yes and repeat until you have signed up for all your shifts. 

Hit “Submit”  You should receive an email for EACH shift you signed up for.  If you do not, please let me know which shift you didn’t receive.

PLEASE REMEMBER YOUR SHIFTS!  I am not sure I will be able to email shift reminders as I have in the past.  I will have my laptop at the Open House if you would like to sign up then.  I have signed up on my laptop, tablet and phone and they all worked well.

You will then be directed to a donation page.  As you know, we purchase our supplies through donations from individuals and BHHS Legacy (through donations made to them).  If you are not able to donate at this time, then close your browser.  You already selected submit, so your volunteer sign up did go through.

See you Saturday!