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Open House Sept. 11, 2021

2021-09-05T07:57:13-07:00September 4th, 2021|Categories: Stitches of Love|

Hi everyone! Can you believe we are starting our 2022 distribution!  We do have a big favor to ask, if you can, please hang on to your inventory until October. Why would we ask that you say! We are so full!  We have every box from the 2021 distribution in our area and we have started [...]

Open House Saturday, June 12, 2021

2021-06-06T14:23:12-07:00June 6th, 2021|Categories: Stitches of Love|

Hi everyone! Can you believe Saturday will be our last Open House for the kids for this summer! Please plan on stopping by between 9-12 to drop off your inventory and pick up supplies for our September Open House, we will not have another drop off until September.  As with our previous months, we will not have a meeting, [...]

Latest Update for Stitches

2021-05-18T10:39:35-07:00May 18th, 2021|Categories: Stitches of Love|

Hi everyone, just a few things: April inventory is on the website and what do we need? Girl clothes sizes 8-12, dresses, tops/skirts, whatever you want to make.  Please remember that the deadline for inventory drop will be the June 12 Open House. A sad bit of news.  One of our volunteers, Donna Casanova passed away on [...]

Open House Saturday, May 8, 2021

2021-05-04T21:00:02-07:00May 4th, 2021|Categories: Stitches of Love|

Hi everyone! Our next Open House is this Saturday and we will have the same process as prior months, a mask is required, please no guests and no meeting.  We will be there from 9:00-12:00 for you to drop off your inventory and pick up supplies for the next month with the busiest time from 9:30-10:30.  [...]

Recap – Open House April 10, 2021

2021-04-12T20:36:49-07:00April 12th, 2021|Categories: Stitches of Love|

Attached is a copy of the latest, March inventory.  What do we need?  Girls sizes 6-12, top, skirts or dresses and boys dress shirts sizes 7-12.  We are doing very well in girl accessories, for the boys the biggest need is hats.  I know of other boy accessories that have not been turned in.   I apologize that [...]

Open House, April 10, 2021

2021-04-04T19:07:45-07:00April 4th, 2021|Categories: Stitches of Love|

Hi everyone! Our next Open House is this Saturday and while mask restrictions are easing up, masks are still required to attend Open House as many of us have not completed the protection process.  We are still asking that you do not bring a guest with you so we can keep the number inside low and don't [...]

Open House March 13, 2021

2021-03-08T10:18:39-07:00March 8th, 2021|Categories: Stitches of Love|

I hope this finds everyone healthy and busy sewing and crafting.  What a year it has been! At our March 2020 Open House, we were just hearing about Covid and the following week our lives came to a screeching halt. You all kicked into major mask making, we saw empty fabric shelves at Joann's and we were [...]

More News from Open House on Feb. 13, 2021

2021-02-16T12:52:31-07:00February 16th, 2021|Categories: Stitches of Love|

Hi everyone, Thanks to all who attended on Saturday.  If you were caught up in the traffic from the other event on campus, we apologize.  We were not aware of the other event.  Mary will check the calendar for our next Open House on March 13. We will be starting our sew days at 35th Ave [...]

Open House Saturday, Feb. 13, 2021

2021-02-07T20:49:52-07:00February 7th, 2021|Categories: Stitches of Love|

Everyone, Please join us this Saturday for our monthly Open House from 9-12.  We will have the same guidelines as previous months, masks are mandatory and please do not bring a guest.  We will be checking temperatures and if we feel we have too many inside, you may be asked to wait in your car for a [...]

Open House Recap – Jan. 9, 2021

2021-01-11T11:36:00-07:00January 11th, 2021|Categories: Stitches of Love|

Thank you to all who attended our NEW January Open House. Hopefully we will be able to return to the Beatitudes January 2022 for our appreciation luncheon.  In place of our luncheon this year, Legacy purchased 100 insulated bottles engraved with our new Stitches of Love logo.  We will have them to hand out again at [...]


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