We will be having Open House this month! We will not have a meeting, but we will be there from 9-12 for you to come inside to drop off your inventory and pick up supplies—-YES we have fabric. In order to keep the drop off line moving, don’t forget to have your inventory sheet or a 8×11 piece of paper completed with the items you are turning in.

We feel being there from 9-12 with no meeting will allow us to follow the city’s guidelines for social distancing. Masks will be required, however please keep in mind that some may be medically exempt from wearing a mask. If you are uncomfortable with someone not wearing a mask, please wait for our next Open House.  

It is not necessary to have an appointment and we will make every attempt to keep the number inside moving with limited capacity, so you may be asked to wait in your car for a few minutes. We will have someone at the door to monitor this. Hangers and size tags will be available on a table outside.

Utilizing a slow start, both Back to School and Stitches have started to gather items for districts to pick up so our meeting area is full of inventory.  Due to social distancing, our Running Stitches committee has been handling this, 3 districts for a total of 353 kids have been completed! We will go into high gear starting September 19 going thru the first week of November.  If we find we need help, we will reach out to you. So far, 6 is the perfect number to get the job done with social distancing. We are very sad that the kids can’t select their clothes and accessories this year, but glad the districts are picking up our items and delivering them to the schools.

Because we will be in the middle of gathering items for the kids, we will NOT have an October Open House.  We will have November Open House, but as normal, no December Open House.   At this time, we will not have a luncheon in January so we will have a regular Open House in January.  I have canceled Will to sharpen our scissors for September and have not rescheduled him at this time.  

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to me.