This is a reminder that we will not have an October Open House. We are taking that Saturday off so noone will be at the BTSCD office this day. We will see you on November 14th.

Currently we have boxed up clothing and accessories for 1,241 kids! A big thank you to the Running Stitches committee for dedicating their Saturdays to accomplish this.  We appreciate all the offers to help out but in order to socially distance, we do not have room for anymore than the 6 of us. We have asked that the schools send us pictures of the kids and their items so we can share them with you. 

Because we receive grants to purchase our supplies, we do not reimburse for supply purchases. I know 2020 has been challenging, but we do encourage everyone to select fabric, patterns and yarn at our Open House dates. Fabric is back in stock, so we will have a good selection in November. 

As we have been boxing up items for the schools, here are some things we have noticed:

Please double check your clothing for straight pins.   We find some every month when we box up the inventory turned in and even found a few more pins when selecting items for the schools.

Please make sure your t-shirt matches your skirt size. We order Hanes t-shirts thru Back to School and the sizes are as follows:  a small t-shirt is size 6-8 and should be matched with a 6-8 skirt.  A medium t-shirt is 8-10, large t-shirt is 12-14 and x-large t-shirt is 16-18.  We are unable to order size 4 or or 5 t-shirts as they are in toddler sizes.  Dresses are preferred in sizes 4 and 5 or make a top to match your skirt. We have found many t-shirt dresses where the skirt is either too short or too long for the t-shirt.  

Please use lace with caution! Not all lace enhances a dress or top..  If in doubt, don’t use it.

Make sure the fabric is age appropriate for the size, both boys and girls. We have seperated the fabric on the shelves, but still found fabric not used correctly for the size,

No solid color hats for boys and girls. Yes, we have found many and we have stressed this since we started making hats when Susan was our leader.

No yarn hair accessories or jewelry. We have tossed all we have found.

Purse handles need to match the purse, no ribbon, rope or lace handles are acceptable. Please use yarn handle with yarn purse and use fabric or strapping with a fabric purse. Please use bright colors!

No brown, dark green or gold yarn. Yarn needs to be bright and colorful. Only acrylic yarn is to be used,  we had hats turned in made out of scrubby yarn!

Pillowcases are only for boys. If you do not take our kits, then make sure your fabric choice is only for boys.

I know it seems like we do not appreciate all you do for the kids, but we don’t want you to spend your creative time on items that will not be going to the kids. If in doubt, please ask or send me a picture.

Thank you all for all your hard work this past year.  2020 sure has been interesting!