Hi everyone!

Can you believe we are starting our 2022 distribution!  We do have a big favor to ask, if you can, please hang on to your inventory until October. Why would we ask that you say! We are so full!  We have every box from the 2021 distribution in our area and we have started to box up clothing and accessories for the schools.  Our 2021 inventory was about 300+ boxes!!  We have boxed up 8 districts, 24 schools (24 boxes) for 346 kids.  I know many of you want to help but we just don’t have room for anyone to help out, but we do sew appreciate all your offers.  We literally created a path so you can get to the fabric, notions and patterns.  You will not be able to select any t-shirts as those are included in the 2021 inventory totals and will be needed for the 2021 schools orders.  We will have t-shirts available at the October Open House.  With all those boxes, it is going to be hard to have an Open House as we normally do (or our new normal).  

We decided we are going to set up outside in the parking area under the cover to take the inventory you need to bring and then you can go inside to pick up the supplies you need.  We will be there from 9-12.

We are asking, the same as last year, to bring no one with you as we need to limit the number inside, get your supplies and go back outside as soon as possible so we don’t have to have others waiting to enter. We did an awesome job of that last year so thank you all so much!! Masks will not be required, so please follow your own comfort levels. We will still be asking for everyone to sign in so I can advise BTSCD of our attendance numbers.

Our sewing events at 35th Ave Sew and Vac have been going great!  Julie and Patty are doing a great job of managing those events for me. They are on the 4th Sunday of the month and they are there from 10-3.  We do not have supplies there, so bring whatever you are working on for the kids, some sew, some play with yarn.  They have those big tables which are great to spread out and cut out your items.  If you need help with something or want to learn something new, just make sure that the right person will be there to help you. You can reach out to us via this email.

We will restart our 4th Thursday sewing at the BTSCD office on October 28.  If you are interested in attending, please reach out to me for details.

We do have one sad thing to tell you all, Shirley Halsey passed away a few weeks ago.  Shirley came with Connie Sanders and always had a walker and portable oxygen.  She was an excellent sewist and we will miss her.

Again thank you for all you do for the kids and fingers crossed we can soon return to our meetings and have some classes or sewing events after Open House and then a distribution at Grand Canyon University with students!!

We hope to see you Saturday!!