Can we use McKinney-Vento funds to buy uniforms from the SAFE program? Can we use money from the Virginia G. Piper Charitable Trust to buy uniforms from the SAFE program?

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Absolutely. Our offerings are approved purchases for both of these programs. Also, We’re an approved vendor through Phoenix Elementary School District #1. If your school is a member of the Greater Phoenix Purchasing Consortium of Schools, you can reference RFP 003-1819 and eliminate the process of obtaining three quotes. Not sure if your school is a member? [...]

What is the SAFE program?

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SAFE is a program that sells high-quality, low-cost uniform basics to schools throughout Maricopa County. Schools use their federal McKinney-Vento funds, local grant dollars, and district budgets to purchase clothes for students who can’t afford them. If you are a school representative who is interested in learning more about this program, please email Janette Lopez.


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