As you all know, boys love our dress shirts. I was making some using two different patterns, and I quickly realized that even though the measurements on the patterns are the same size, the finished chest sizes are actually different and did NOT match the finished measurements on the pattern.  We don’t have many patterns to choose from so I made it my goal to figure out which measurements are correct. So I decided that we would go with purchased dress shirts to use as our finished measurements.

Old Navy was having quite a sale so I was able to pick up a dress shirt in each of our sizes.  So going forward, regardless of what size pattern you use, measure your finished dress shirt this way; make sure your shirt is buttoned, and measure the front from the side seam to side seam.  Make sure you are actually using the side seam and not where it lies flat on the side (I found that changed my measurements).    Double that measurement to find the chest measurement. Based on this measurement, note the following size and  chest measurement on the size tag:

Size 4 up to 29 3/4″
Size 5 30″-31 3/4″
Size 6 32″-32 3/4″
Size 7 33″-33 3/4″
Size 8 34″-34 3/4″
Size 10 35″-35 3/4″
Size 12 36″-36 3/4″
Size 14 37″-37 3/4″
Size 16 38″-38 3/4″

Hopefully this will help us in making sure our shirts are all sized consistently. 

I also found the length of the shirts were different however I really think if we’re getting the chest measurements correct,  a difference in lengths does not matter as the boys are all different heights.