Colt was recently featured in the Glendale Star. Check out this article.

Colt provided the following description of what the Back to School Clothing Drive means to him.

The volunteer organization that means the most to me is the Back to School Clothing Drive and I will do my best to describe the reasons why. I have been volunteering for 7 years and I will continue to volunteer for such a great organization. I take off a week with my vacation to assist with the following duties: dump trash, recycle boxes, load and unload trucks, direct trucks to drop off area, set up and tear down and anything else they need assistance with. I was interviewed on channel 5 morning news and I am featured in the Glendale Star newspaper August 1 edition, page 18.

Here are some of the statistics for this year’s event: 67 volunteer hours, 163,888 steps, 80.14 miles and 9,059 calories burned. It is a lot of hard work but I find it extremely rewarding to see the many smiles on the children’s faces when we provide the following donated items: Shirts, Shorts/Skirts, Socks, Under wear, Shoes, books, clothes that are handmade from Stiches of Love, a nutritious meal provide by St. Mary’s Food Bank and a back pack filled with school supplies like notebook, ruler, glue, crayons and pencils. If they have a signed permission slip they can have a free dental checkup and if they pre-register they may sign up for a great computer class called stem where the children are taught how to take apart a computer and also to put it back together and then they get to keep and take the computer home. The organization provided these supplies to 3500 school children from title 1 schools and 1500 foster care children.

I know the key organizers: Karl, Robert, Janette, John, Vincent, Sandy, Jim, Samantha and Arisa. They organize throughout the year whereas I help all of them throughout the week-long event come up. This year we had about 700 Bank of America volunteers assist on July 24 which was Bank of America Day. I was proud to see a sea of red volunteer shirts that day since Bank of America sponsored that day. I will continue to volunteer and promote this great organization in the future.