Open House Recap May 12, 2018 

Happy 88th Birthday Jane! Even though her birthday was last month, we celebrated her birthday this month as she missed our April Open House due to a huge event at the Phoenix Zoo. She was very surprised and we are very grateful for all the fabric shopping she does for us. 

Housekeeping items :

If you have any fabric, notions or yarn to return, please place in our large wicker basket so we can take a look at it before adding to our supplies. 

All boy items (buttons, size tags and patterns) are on the shelves with the boys’ fabric. 

We also have the purse fabric and supplies on the lower shelf. 

We placed the t-shirts in the bottom 3 drawers in the yarn section. We have child’s small/medium in one drawer, child’s large/x-large in the center drawer and adult sizes in the last drawer. 

We took a vote on the library and it was decided to do away with it. Please take whatever books you would like at our June Open House and the remainder will be given to Savers, unless someone would like to take to their library. 


Mary will have the May inventory completed this weekend, but in the meantime we need clothes! I will post on Facebook after it has been added to the website. 

For accessories we need jewelry, purses and pillowcases. If you have any of these items at home, please bring them to our June Open House. We have only about 1,500 completed outfits for the girls however we are expecting 2,500 girls to attend. We had quite a bit of inventory turned in so hopefully we are closer to our goal. 

Are you a crafter or a yarn volunteer? Would you like to learn how to sew? I would like to have 5 volunteers to help someone learn to sew (I have 2 volunteers) and 5 volunteers to want to learn (I have 1 volunteer). My thoughts are to have some general classes at the BTSCD office and then pair everyone to continue to learn. My goal is for you to have someone to call when you are sewing on a Sunday afternoon and you are struggling. You will have all the contact information on the teachers, but your first place to call would be your buddy. If we want Stitches of Love to continue, we need sewers! While the accessories are very nice, let’s face it—the kids need clothes first. I will try to match you up by personalities and the part of town you live in. 

Send me your favorite sewing, crafting or yarn tip! It doesn’t make any difference how long you have been creating items, you can always learn a great tip. 

Distribution July 23-27 Grand Canyon University 

WE NEED VOLUNTEERS!! The only shift that is full is Monday morning (7:30-12:30). I have only a few volunteers to set up on Sunday and tear down on Friday and the remaining shifts during the week. We have shifts for everyone, 7:30-12:30, 11:30-4:30 and 4:30-8:00. We have worked so hard to make our items but if I don’t have volunteers to hand it out we pretty much wasted our time. If you have special time wishes, please let me know, we can work it out. Please email me or text me at 602-339-8746. 

What are we going to do regarding Yarn it Forward and Thursday Terrors Sewing? Our next Yarn it Forward will be June 11. Is anyone planning to attend? If you are, please let me know as I don’t want to sit there by myself. My regular sewers to Thursday Sewing Terrors are on vacation for the month of June. Again if you are planning on attending, please let me know as I don’t want to be there by myself. If no one is planning to attend, then I will cancel these events in June. 

In July and August due to distribution and my vacation, Yarn it Forward and Thursday Terrors Sew day will be canceled. 

Cindy went over some quick, easy ways to make purses. We do not have a standard size or style, just use whatever piece of fabric you have and glam it up by using your decorative stitches. 

Will Sharpening will be at our June 9 Open House. So bring your scissors/ knives/gardening tools in a zip lock bag with your name and phone number and he will sharpen them during our meeting. Prices start at $2.00 for knives, $4.00 for scissors. He does have a limit of 5 items per person, but once he is done with everyone, he will gladly sharpen your remaining items. 

Thanks everyone for all you do and sew, sew, sew and have lots of clothing to turn in June 9.