Hi everyone,

I forgot to mention on my Open House email that I had 2 commercial sewing machines that need a new home (no charge).  These were donated to Stitches during covid and I felt sorry for the young lady as she said she was dealing with her parent’s estate.  She said that both machine were working as her parents had a upholstery business and one is a blind hem machine and the other is s forward only, straight stitch machine.  Due to room restraints I had them moved to my home and they know need a new home.  I am hoping someone can would like to take these off my hands.  I don’t care if you keep them to use, sell them or find a better home for them, but it is time for them to move on.  If no one is interested, I will check with second hand stores and as a last resort bulk trash pick up.  
These are very heavy and would require at least 2 strong people  and a pick up truck.  If you are interested in these 2 machines, please reach out as soon as possible.