Just imagine this impact that each of you can make today, April 7th – Arizona Gives Day – in the life of a child in need. Just imagine if each of 2,900 people who volunteers for Back to School donated $10. What if all 500 Stitches of Love members donated just $5 on today. Do you think that would make a difference? Take it further – for every test drive, the car dealership you work at donates 10 to a kid in need. For every ice cream cone sold by your franchise, a child got a new backpack. Individuals, families, and small business can give back today. Just this one day, when we stop and think about those who do not have it as good as others. Perhaps today you will be inspired to give according to your passion. We invite you to do so.

Today is the day to fulfill your passion for children and education. Can we count on you to make your donation today to Back to School Clothing Drive on Arizona Gives Day.

Through your support more than 25,000 public elementary school children will focus on learning and not on their clothes and thanks to you more barriers to early childhood school success are removed. Everyone can help – individual families, the car dealership, family-owned business, cell phone company, local dry cleaner, air conditioning, real estate brokerage, franchise owner, physician. With over 263 partner schools across the Valley, a child attending one of these schools can use your help.

Visit our website at www.btscd.com and read about our history and the impact we have made for the last 48 years. Please know you are appreciated and do call if we can help you meet your giving objectives.