From individuals, small businesses, to corporations, we all have a desire to help those in need

Just imagine this impact — for every test drive, a car dealership donated $10 to a kid in need. For every ice cream cone sold, a child got a new backpack. How about for every air conditioning service call this summer a child got a new pair of sneakers? Or for every new house built this year, an entire classroom receives a full compliment of school uniforms and school supplies. What if for every apartment leased this year, $1 was donated to to buy a child his very own books. Finally, what if for every hamburger purchased on a Tuesday at your favorite spot, $3 goes to support Valley school children. Do you think that would make a difference?

People across our state fulfill their passion for giving through a relationship or connection to a charitable organization. Small business owners seek ways to give back and highlight their civic engagement and be involved. Corporations identify organizations that provide a way to support their corporate social responsibility goals. The Back to School Clothing Drive (BTSCD), New Clothes New Beginnings Annual Distribution program, may just be the conduit to help express your philanthropy desires.

Through sponsorship of this annual program your help supports more than 10,000 public elementary school children, fulfills your desire to support the community, and helps break down barriers to early childhood school success. Everyone can help – the car dealership,family-owned business, cell phone company, local dry cleaner, air conditioning, real estate brokerage, franchise owner, physician. With over 140 participating schools across the Valley, one of those schools is in your service area, your neighborhood.

You may be a member of one of our partner civic organizations like National Charities League, Boys Team Charities, Phoenix Chapter of Jack and Jill of America, work for a large corporation or business, read this and wonder if your company supports Back to School Clothing Drive. Ask, find out, recommend that they do.

When you consider the ongoing challenges our schools face with recent budget cuts, declining support for our public schools, and the increasing gaps between kids who have what they need those who do not, we all must be compelled to take action. Review our sponsorship package and see where you personally, your company, or small business may fit. We welcome your financial or in-kind sponsorship.

Support also comes by introductions and new relationships. You have a vast personal and professional network of friends, family and acquaintances that are just waiting for your recommendation. Many have the capability and capacity to give and just need to know of your work with us. So in addition to a financial sponsorship or donation, tell someone about Back to School Clothing Drive, invite them to the July 13-17, 2015 Summer Distribution event at Grand Canyon University Arena and let them see for themselves. Ask them to visit our website at and watch the videos and read about our history and the impact we have made for the last 48 years.

Please know you are appreciated and do call if we can help you meet your giving objectives.