Registration is now open for the Back to School Clothing Drive Summer Distribution Event, July 18-22, 2016, at Grand Canyon University Arena. We thank you for your patience as we implemented our new online registration system. There are new features to call to your attention which we hope will make it easier to register and for us to manage your time volunteering for the program.


  • Please be mindful and carefully select your correct company/organization section on the volunteer site.This is critical to assure that you are registered with the correct group and that we have an accurate accounting of everyone.
  • If you select a time slot and later decide you need to change please email us with the change. Please keep any changes to a minimum.
  • If you are a father/son or mother/daughter or registering multiple people, EACH AND EVERY PERSON YOU REGISTERmust be registered individually on the system with all of their relevant contact information even if it is your child.
  • If you do not see your company/organization on the list, please email us so that we can add it. Remember to send the desired slots for each day.


  1. Everyone that wants to volunteer at the event MUST REGISTER ON OUR SYSTEM. We understand that many of the groups that send volunteers have their own registration systems and processes. Our registration must be completed in addition to any other group requirements. This is done for the safety and security of all participating including the kids that will be at the event.
  2. Groups that traditionally volunteer with BTSCD are listed on the system along with the shifts most commonly registered. If you would like additional shifts added to your group/company, please contact us and we will add them.
  3. Each group/company has been assigned a number of slots based on last year’s total volunteers registered. That means if you requested 90 volunteer slots last year, we have pre-loaded those numbers this year. Again, we can adjust those numbers as needed. For each group, the number of volunteers are spread evenly across each shift so as you reach your limit the sift registration will close down. We can re-open shifts as needed. We will send the total number of volunteer slots each group has in a separate email.
  4. We will send frequent reports to the volunteer coordinators that indicates the number of registered volunteers, their names, and how many slots you have remaining. Again we can open up more slots if needed.
  5. Each volunteer will be required to acknowledge our volunteer terms and conditions before they can complete their registration.


Please feel free to copy this link and paste it onto your volunteer sites. You can embed this link in your company site and access the registration at:

If you have any questions in the meantime, please feel free to contact Suzanne Kramer at [email protected] or by calling 602.256.9408.