What a great Open House today! We had a great turn out! We talked about a new trend, color blocking with the new fad of putting different prints together, not a solid/print that we are used too. Patty bought some great boy dress shirts for $3.00 and they were a great example of mixing different plaids. We had a skirt/top turned in with a great mixing of prints. So short a little of fabric? Mix in another print and be in style!

Please remember no meeting in December and January.  If you attend the Beatitudes sewing group or the open event at 35th Ave Sew and Vac, these events will still take place.  Our Annual Appreciation Luncheon will be held on January 11 at 11:00 at the Beatitudes Campus. This luncheon is our thank you for all our hard work from Jerry at Legacy.  We will pass along the menu as soon as Mary has worked out the details.  Deadline to sign up is on December 31. If you didn’t sign up today, please email me.  Please remember that if you sign up and unable to attend, Legacy will still need to pay for your meal so if you become ill and can’t attend,  please let me know as soon as possible as I generally have a few on the waiting list.

Many thanks to Will and all of you who supported him by having your items sharpened. He said it was worth his trip from Sun City West, so thank you! He will visit us again at our May Open House, May 11. His prices will increase by $1, so knives will be starting at $3.00 and scissors starting at $5.00.

After our meeting quite a few of us came together and created Santa Bags for  OCJ Kids. 58 (I found some fabric I left at home and created 3 more) bags were created with all the donated Christmas fabric. We will continue to accept Christmas fabric throughout the year for next year bags. Since I think we have all exhausted our stash, I will let OCJ Kids know that they will need to purchase Christmas fabric during the after Christmas sales to help us in creating their bags.

Attached is our inventory thru October.  We had an additional 900 girl keychains turned in while Mary was working on our numbers so we are over goal on those already! Awesome  job! We also added totals on our goals so you can easily see how we are doing.  The majority of the bottoms in sizes 10-12, 14 and 16 are leggings. I have been told of a large donation of denim,  so hopefully this will work out and we can make some denim skirts in these sizes as the girls have been requesting those.  Mary and I worked very hard to revamp the sizes we need so we would appreciate it if you could note your sizes to match our inventory sheet. If you are unsure, google what you think your size is and compare the measurements.  I have found that if I start with the waist, the hips will fall along with that or if you are creating a top/dress the bust would be next. Unfortunately our kids do not necessarily fit the standard sizes/measurements.   I still really want to concentrate on tops for sizes 14 and above as that is the biggest request. 

Thank you all your compliments on my cool top. The pattern was from Love Notions and called Laundry Day Tee (LTD).  The fabric is double brushed poly (DBP) from So Sew English.  I have also purchased fabric from Sly Fox and I have been happy with both.  Generous cuts on all pieces and received within a week. You all know I only buy on sale so the prices plus shipping was doable.

Please email me if you want to attend our luncheon in January!