Thanks to Julie, Gloria and Patty for covering for me!  I really appreciate it.  Also thanks to Perla for helping out with accepting inventory.

Will said he had a great day sharpening your items!  Thank you for supporting this event.  I will have him back in October.

Julie showed an example of fabric that we found on the fabric shelf where the standard fold was used to cut a small piece (probably to finish an item).  This is why it is very important for anything that is returned be placed in the large wicker basket so we can review the items for being returned to our inventory.  Also please know that to better utilize our fabric $$$$, you can refold the fabric to cut out the clothing, just follow the basic guide lines for the grain of the fabric.  If anyone would be interested in “cutting out class” we can definitely put that in the schedule next year.

Great job in turning in inventory!  They told me we had all 3 racks full!  Speaking of inventory, you all are doing a great job.  Our clothing numbers for April 2019 are more than April 2018.  Super job on the complete outfits and dresses. We still needs tops to go with the skirts we have, up to size 14 is probably the highest need.  We will have plain t-shirts to fill in the gaps.

If you mainly create accessories, our largest need is bookmarks for boys and girls, purses and hats for boys. Please if you have taken any key chain or pillowcase kits these need to be turned in at our June 8 Open House.  We created enough kits to reach our goals so we them turned in, preferably finished but if not then in kit form so we know were we will be short.

Distribution sign up:

  • The only evening will be Thursday, 4:30 to 8:00 and this will be all foster families.
  • I am scheduling only 1 person at each accessory, so if you need a sit down job, please sign up ASAP.
  • Towards the end of the week, I will be reaching out to other groups to volunteer with us so please sign up as soon as you know your schedule.  Shifts are 7:30-12:30 and 11:30 to 4:30 and the additional shift on Thursday 4:30-8:00.  As in previous years, if you have a need for a different time frame, please let me know.  Email me anytime!

Our Gala at the Phoenix Art Museum will be this Saturday with reception starting at 6:00 and dinner/activities starting at 7:30.  I have 3 seats left at our table purchased by Swift Transportation.  If anyone is interested (plus their guest), please email me ASAP, first come, first serve basis.

Thank you all so much for everything you do for the kids.  We are almost at our most important event with the kids!