June is a crazy month with the 1st of the month at the end of the week resulting in Open House being earlier in the month.  Please turn in your inventory so we can have our final numbers.  If you haven’t finished pillowcase or key chain kits, please return the kits so I can have them finished by our final turn in date of June 27.  We created the kits that we needed, so we need them all returned.

Distribution starts on Monday, July 22 with set up on Sunday, July 21 and will run thru Thursday evening with the Foster Families.  Please note Thursday is the ONLY evening this year. We will still be at Grand Canyon University but we will be utilizing a different parking garage and arena.  The best news is we will be very close to the FOOD COURT!!  Taco Bell and Chic-Fil-A are the 2 restaurants I can remember.  I will get a better list when I am there this week for a meeting.  I will try and have a map available at our Open House.

I still need many, many sign ups to work distribution:

  • Sunday set up 9:00-1 10 
  • Monday 7:30-12:20  7 sit down and 10 shoppers/door
  • Monday 11:30-4:30  8 sit down and 25 shoppers/door
  • Tuesday 7:30-12:20  9 sit down and 31 shoppers/door          
  • Tuesday 11:30-4:30  7 sit down and 28 shoppers/door
  • Wednesday 7:30-12:20  2 sit down and 21 shoppers/door           
  • Wednesday 11:30-4:30  4 sit down and 23 shoppers/door
  • Thursday 7:30-12:20  10 sit down and 33 shoppers/door           
  • Thursday 11:30-4:30  9 sit down and 29 shoppers/door
  • Thursday 4:00-8:00   7 sit down and 25 shoppers/door

If you need a different shift, please let me know so we can work it out.

I also need 1-3 volunteers each shift to clear the empty hangers and box them up (a never ending job!) and restock the clothing items.  Restocking of the accessories is done by those sitting at the tables.

I would like to thank everyone for all their support this past year.  It has been a challenging year for me and you have all done a super job!

See you Saturday.