Thanks for all the inventory turned in.  Distribution is quickly approaching!  We have just 3 months left, so now is the time to look around for unfinished projects, get them finished and turn them in.  What do we need? Everything except hair accessories.

Gloria showed us how to take lace (we have lots) and ribbon and turn them into hair accessories.  When we planned this workshop, we didn’t know we would be so close to our goal but this is an excellent idea for next year.  We will need to pay attention this year and see if the girls like this type of hair accessory.

We had a good turn out for our celebration lunch for Joyce and some good stories were shared.  It was very special for us to meet Jennifer, one of Joyce’s daughters.  Thank you to Mary and Jerry from Legacy for our lunch.

WAHOO, our pillowcase event at 35th Ave Sew and Vac resulted in 115 pillowcases!  Hopefully we also obtained a few more volunteers.  Many thanks to those who volunteered: Kay and Walt Rapp, Lynne Warren, Julie Oblinger, Patty Albers, Cindy Adams, Gene Judge, Desiree Coulombe, Bernadette Osborn, Donna Casanova, Julie Zimmerman and board president Vincent Payne.  Two other board members, Marie Brennan and Lisa Deane also stopped by and made a pillowcase for the boys. This was a tremendous savings to us. Our target cost is $5 a pillowcase which would be savings of $575, however 35th Ave Sew and Vac donated quilting cotton fabric for the pillowcases for a sale price of $826.85.  Many thanks go to them for this opportunity.  We have pillowcase kits at the center, so please take them and turn in.  The seams must be finished, so use a serger (and we have discovered more tricks) and complete a pillowcase in less than 10 minutes.  If you use a sewing machine, you will need to do the burrito roll and French seam.

I am attaching our April-June Events and we hope you can attend our sew day at 35th Ave Sew and Vac on Sunday, March 25.  April 5 is our next sew day at our offices at 360 E. Coronado Road.

We will see you at our next Open House, April 14 when Gloria will show you how to use different feet especially the gathering foot.  Dang, I cannot figure that out!  If you have a foot you would like to see demonstrated, let me know and we will give it a try for you.

Scissor sharpening will happen again at our June 9 Open House.