We have 3 Open House meetings until our distribution starting on July 23, I hope you have been busy and lots to turn in this Saturday!

We do have an unpleasant subject to bring up…cigarette smoke. If you or anyone you are around smokes, please make sure your items (especially yarn items) are free of smoke. You can place your items in a plastic bag then ask a non-smoker to take a whiff to see if you have a lingering smoke smell. Currently we have 4 large shopping bags with hats, purses and scarves we are trying to ‘desmoke’ by using Febreeze. If these items still smell when we are there on Thursday to box up items, I will have to remove these items from our inventory and donate to Goodwill or Savers. We have both volunteers and children in July who are very sensitive to cigarette smoke and once we store the items in cardboard boxes, all of our items become contaminated. Not smoking in the house or car does not work as smoke is carried to your items via your hands, clothing and hair. I am sorry if I have offended anyone, but with us creating almost 40,000 items, I just can’t take a chance on cigarette smoke affecting all our hard work.

On to a happier topic….at our Open House this month we will have several ‘do you know’ topics

Do you know how to use a gathering foot, ruffler, twin needle or one of those straight knitting looms?

Gloria will show you how to use the gathering foot and ruffler. As much as I have tried to use my gathering foot, I end up going back to my tried and true long basting stitch. I watched Gloria do it in half the time! The ruffler was pretty cool also.

I am sure all of you have a twin needle, but have you ever used it? Piece of cake! It looks great when you are giving some love to a t-shirt and makes the job so much easier. I will show you how to use it. Speaking of t-shirts, have you seen the beautiful ones Kay and Perla posted on the Stitches of Love Facebook page? I am anxious to see the shirts in person!

Scarves are still needed and Cindy will show you how to use a straight knitting loom to whip one up. If you have one, any length, bring it to the meeting so you can have hands on training. Unless I actually do it, I always have questions when I get home.

We have a very busy Open House, so I hope you can attend from 10-12. Since we have 3 different topics, we can easily stay later if needed, but please don’t ‘plan’ on attending after 12:00 as we may have already left.

Mary has been out of town for work but we will have the inventory on the website this week.