We hope this finds everyone safe and healthy!

With changes and much planning, June Open House is a go!  A mask is required for anyone leaving their car.

Inventory will be dropped off in the parking lot and appointments will be needed to pick up fabric or yarn. An appointment is not needed to only drop off inventory.

Upon entering the parking lot, you will be directed to one of three outside inventory collection spots.  It is very important that you have completed the inventory sheet or noted your items on a 8X11 piece of paper.  A Running Stitches member will remove the items from your car. Please do not put your items in any containers you want back.   You will then be directed to continue to the end of the parking lot and go left to circle around to exit or go right to park by the Stitches area to get your supplies at your appointed time.

In order to maintain social distancing, appointments will be every 10 minutes from 8:30 to 12:20 and your total time will only be for 10 minutes.  Per Legacy Place guidelines, everyone will be required to wear a mask and a temperature check needs to be done after entering the building.  We also will have hand sanitizer for you to use before shopping for supplies.  Even with 10 minute appointments, we will only be able to schedule 24 appointments.  If this isn’t enough, we will come up with an additional plan.  If you come with someone, then of course you can shop with them.  Anyone who is not shopping will need to remain outside.  Because of trying to get everyone through, it is very important for you to be on time to shop.  We are not sure how long it will take to drop off your inventory and the temperature check, so please try to be early (you can wait in the car).  If everyone is a few minutes late, our later appointments will run late and we will not be completed until after 12:30. Please keep in mind that we have been out in the heat since 8:30 (earlier in order to set up) and we cannot bring everything inside until everyone is gone.

I realize this sounds very stringent, but in these times we need to take every precaution to protect everyone since most of us are in the vulnerable age group.

Please let me know via email what appointment time you would like starting at 8:30 and then every 10 minutes until 12:20. Appointments will be first come, first email received.  We are going to separate the yarn and fabric so I will need to know if you are shopping just yarn, just fabric or both.  This will help us schedule as many as possible.  

Regarding our supplies, we have what we have.  If you have been to Joann’s you know what I mean, they do not have cotton fabric. What does this mean for us? We need to make sure we are not in the “toilet paper” situation. We feel it is necessary to limit everyone to 5 pieces of fabric and 10 skeins of yarn. If you are shopping for someone please let me know when you make your appointment.  We really would like fabric to be there for those with later appointments.   

Most of you probably have been going through your stash but if you have fabric you don’t think you will be using, please return it to us so it can be used by others.  We will continue searching and buying fabric throughout the summer.

You can bring your Go with the Flow supplies/period packs as Julie will collect them.

In answer to many questions, no we will not be having distribution but yes we will still be giving our items to the schools, details are being worked out for distributing items from August to October. We will need help counting and bagging items for each district.  An email will be sent in the next few weeks explaining our Luke Air Force event and how we will be taking care of the schools.

Thank you for continuing to make items for the kids and understanding the challenges in having this Open House.