Hi everyone!

Well this is it!  Please turn in all your items on Saturday, especially the pillowcase and wallet kits that you have.  If you were not able to complete these kits, please return all unfinished items so we can have them finished.  We will be having a sew day at the office on June 23 so if you have any last minute finished clothes, you can drop them off. We will be there from 9:30-1:30.  You can also come and sew with us!

We are still very short on volunteers for our department.  Please check your schedules and reach out to family and friends and see if anyone would like to help us with the kids selecting our items. Our event starts on Sunday July 17 at Grand Canyon University, 3300 W. Camelback, Phoenix. Listed below is the shifts and how many volunteers are needed

Sunday set up 9-12 10

         7:30-12:30 5
        11:30-4:30  17
         4:00-8:30   50

         7:30-12:30 16
        11:30-4:30  15
         4:00-8:30   50

        7:30-12:30 11
        11:30-4:30  17
         4:00-8:30   25

         7:30-12:30 14
        11:30-2:30  15 needed to pack up what is left

If you haven’t received your thank you gift, please remind me to give it to you.

Reminder—June 26 Sew day at 35th Ave Sew and Vac 3548 W. Northern from 10:00-3:00.  This is a great time to cut out things, sew or play with yarn.

See you Saturday,