We have worked so hard to create all our items for the kids, now we need you to help the kids select their items.  We have added evening shifts from 4-8:30 to serve some new non-profit groups (Monday), foster families (Tuesday) and Luke Air Force and a non-profit (Wednesday).  Listed below are the shifts and the volunteers needed.  Please check your schedules and friends (great opportunity for them to see why you do all that sewing and crafting) and see if you can help us with the kids! You can email me here at [email protected] for your shift and if you have a preferred spot, either sit down or shopping with the kids.

Sunday 7-17 set up 9-12:30 need 11 volunteers

Monday 7-18 7:30-12:30 need 5 volunteers
Monday 11:30-4:30 need 17 volunteers
Monday 4-8:30 need 50 volunteers

Tuesday 7-19 7:30-12:30 need 16 volunteers
Tuesday 11:30-4:30 need 15 volunteers
Tuesday 4-8:30 need 50 volunteers

Wednesday 7-20 7:30-12:30 need 11 volunteers
Wednesday 11:30-4:30 need 17 volunteers
Wednesday 4-8:30 need 25 volunteers

Thursday 7-21 7:30-12:30 need 14 volunteers
Thursday 11:30-2:30 need 15 volunteers to pack up what we have left over

Thank you for everything you do for the kids!  The Open House June 11 email will be sent next week.