Hi everyone,

We will have our Open House this Saturday and while I don’t know of any parades (sorry about last month) but I do know that I-10 will be closed in the tunnel.  So plan a different route, extra time and patience.  I hate it when the tunnel is closed!  We will not be having a sit down meeting and we will be here to accept your inventory and pick up supplies from 9-12.

Mary has updated our inventory and Mike placed it on the website last week and I am attaching it to this email.  If you have any pillowcase or wallet kits that you are not going to be finishing and turning in by May please email me with the item number you have so we don’t purchase more fabric and make more kits. If you are not going to complete them please bring them to this month’s Open House so we can have someone finish them.  It seems like we have made a lot more kits than our inventory number shows. 

The BTSCD team has had several meetings with GCU and distribution is still a go with kids arriving on July 18.   We will start our signups in May. Our shifts will be 7:30-12:30 and 12:00-5:00.  The overlap time will allow for training and a  good shift transition.  

Thanks for all you do for the kids!!