Hi everyone!

Our next Open House will be Saturday, March 12, 2022, from 9-12 and NO MASKS!  Fingers crossed we stay on this course going forward.  We are not going to have a sit down meeting yet due to the boxes in our area, we did ship out our boxes but Robert needs to create hygiene kits and he has zero storage area so he needs to store the boxes in our meeting area until his volunteers are done. I feel that you can bring a guest if you want and everyone can chat a bit and not rush out.  We are going to be there for 3 hours so if you want to come when it isn’t as busy, after 11 is good.  If you are more comfortable wearing a mask, by all means wear one.

Thank you Mary for completing our inventory!    It has been placed on the BTSCD website and I am attaching it to this email.  What do we need?  CLOTHES!!  While I would love for everyone to make a boys dress shirt, I can buy tshirts for the boys, so we really need girls clothes. We have finally caught up with tops for the skirts so thank you to everyone (especially to Lynn’s sister Gail) for making tops. It’s okay to turn in skirts only, but we really appreciate it if you make a top to match so we don’t have an issue in June being short tops again.  For the girls our biggest needs are sizes 6-12 and boys sizes 6-10. Regarding the accessories, we are doing ok.  We are short in hair accessories and paracord bracelets, but I think those are going to be the 2 accessories we will be discontinuing.  If you like to make them and have some to turn in, by all means make them and turn them in. When we run out of them during distribution that will be fine.

Speaking of distribution, our first day with kids will be July 18 and set up will be on Sunday, July 17 and we will be at Grand Canyon University.  I have no more details at this time.  With covid, plans are always subject to change……

Our sew day at BTSCD will be on March 24 (4th Thursday), please reach out to me if you would like to attend 9-about 1:30-2:00.  There were 2 of us last month so a few more would be nice.

Attendance at our Sew day at 35th Ave Sew and Vac was better so thank you. This month it will be on March 27 (4th Sunday) and we will be there from 10-3.  No reservation or masks are needed.  

After this month we have only 3 Open Houses left!  So turn in your inventory and if you have fabric or yarn that you know you won’t be using by June please bring it back.  

Thank you everyone for what you do for the kids!