We have a wonderful and unique offer that can get school, office, and art supplies into a classroom and in the hands people that can use them at a fraction of the retail cost. Help us get these items into a classroom, schools, or even your office and out of our storage! And at the same time support your favorite organization – Back to School Clothing Drive!

We have excess inventory for pennies on the dollar, well off retail prices. Here is a partial list of the inventory we have available. Download the full list here and give us a call! at 602.256.9408. You will need to come down to our office to pack and pick up at 360 E. Coronado Road, Suite 200, Phoenix, AZ 85004. Mix, match package it up for your needs!

College rule notebooks
Scotch Bubble Envelopes
White foam boards
Pocket folders of all colors
Three Ring Binders of all colors
White poster board, black poster boards
Clasp envelopes
Scotch cushion wrap
Scotch shipping wrap
Shipping tape

And more, thanks!


Karl Gentles