Hi everyone!

Here is the latest information on getting our items to the kids. Luke Air Force Base is having their school bash event at Gila River Arena as a drive up collection on Thursday, July 23.  Currently volunteers from Luke, NCL and Boy’s Team Charities, Fiesta Bowl Charities and a few other groups are at Gila River Arena stuffing backpacks for both Luke and our schools.  They will use the registration information from the Luke parents to add their school uniforms and other items from BTSCD.  Due to space constraints, we gave them hats, key chains and bookmarks to add to the clothing bag. Luke usually has a fall festival around Halloween, so hopefully we will be able to give them more items then.

Our school plan is, using the school registration information, to gather items for each school (clothes and accessories) and either the school or district will pick up the items from the BTSCD office.  With so much uncertainty on when school will be starting, we do not have a concrete plan on putting these items together.  Due to space constraints (40 districts with 140 schools), we need to gather the schools/districts in order of pick up.  We will include the school list of kids with the items to help with the kids receiving their items.  We all know that sizing the kids has been a challenge, so we will try to include a variety of sizes.  Some of the schools have listed their sizes, so that will help us.  As soon as we have a schedule, I will be reaching out for help in gathering the items.  My plan is to have small groups so we can be safe.  Please remember that no one is at our office or the Legacy office at this time, so items can not be dropped off. 

Thanks for continuing to create items for the kids!  We appreciate all you do.