Matching Grant and Online Retail Store Reopens for Business. Improved efficiency & grant available

The following program changes are effective with the 2016-2017 school fiscal year (July 1). Any schools using purchase orders remaining from the 2015-2016 school year must call the BTSCD office prior to ordering for special instructions and coupon code.

Back to School Clothing Drive (BTSCD) has reopened its online retail store and restructured its unique school-focused matching grant program. The realignment provides a more streamlined ordering, fulfillment and matching grant program that will provide the highest levels of support and service to member schools. Today, more than 260 Title I public elementary schools are members of the program.
The new matching grant program is effective for the 2016-2017 school fiscal year and provides a 50 percent match on your dollar for member schools. The percentage match that BTSCD provides is driven by the amount of funding from investors/donors to carry out the program. The new 50 percent match continues the BTSCD program and increases the number of schools the program can support. The previous match of 100 percent is reduced due to the amount of funding available. Also there is no longer a need to apply for a SAFE grant.
In addition to this realignment, there are no longer any carryover balances of grant funds from BTSCD from prior years.  We will take action on any All carryover balances of unused grant commitments from prior year have been sunset. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Please contact our office to discuss this issue.
The BTSCD matching grant remains the only of its kind in Arizona available to schools to purchase school uniforms for their clothing closets. We thank you for your continued support of the program and remain committed to providing you with the maximum amount of funding available to leverage your dollars dedicated to the purchase of school uniforms and clothing.
SAFE matching grant codes have been eliminated. Those have been replaced with a coupon that gives you the 50 percent match on your purchase.  Your total BTSCD grant allowance is now 50 percent of the total amount of your purchase AT THE TIME OF YOUR PURCHASE. Please contact our office to receive a code to begin your purchase.
Schools now must spend their funds in no more that two orders so you can purchase clothing for the spring and then later in the fall or other convenient timeline.  You may also spend all of your money at one time, in succession, on the same day, should you choose but must enter two separate orders with the associated coupon code.
Shipping costs are now added to each order and is $20.00 for EACH order. The shipping cost should be factored into the overall purchase total and total Purchase Order amount to spend.
Finally, BTSCD has implemented new pricing, the first increase in over five years, yet still competitive with other retailers. Your 50 percent match continues to drive your costs down and increase the amount of merchandise you can purchase.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Districts that have a current contract or RFP pricing in place with BTSCD will remain at those prices through the contract date and will be billed at those prices and reconciled at invoicing.
We appreciate your loyalty and patience as we have restructured the program. We will continue to refine the new program as we discover or uncover additional refinements as the store operation is in production. Should you encounter any challenges please or need additional clarification or support please contact Joanne Grady, Program Administrator, 602.256.9408 or email at [email protected].