Congratulations on a very successful distribution 2016!

A huge thank you goes out to everyone who helped with 2016’s distribution and helped to make our 46,101 items.! It was OUTSTANDING!!!

If you came, thank you! If you made anything, thank you!

We had 3,284 smiles during distribution and then as an added bonus, we were able to make an additional 1,216 kids happy by using their size information supplied by their school to fill a shopping bag of school items and clothes/accessories from Stitches of Love. Both Back to School and Stitches of Love really wanted to have as many items as possible given to kids who need the items. So instead of storing the items, we made a one-time decision to provide items to the kids who had signed up but did not make it distribution. Isaac School District was not able to attend this year so we pulled a variety of gender and sizes so their 150 kids would receive our items at a special distribution to be held after school starts. 4,650 kids received items from Stitches of Love.

We also made kids happy with Judy’s House (foster group home-465) and Family Promise (family shelter-536) and OCJ Kids (332). 1,333 kids received an outfit plus hats, scarves, purses and pillowcases. That makes a total 5,983 kids received items from Stitches of Love! Awesome job!

Judy’s House will share clothing with other group homes in the West Valley area and OCJ Kids is having a clothing drive in August for foster children returning to school. We will continue to work with Judy’s House and Family Promise throughout the year to provide emergency clothing as needed.

We were also able to provide 841 hats to Glendale Homeless Ministries, 137 hats to Banner Thunderbird Hospital chemo unit and 70 hats and 10 pillowcases to Catholic Charities in Prescott. A total of 1,058 items were donated to some very special places.


We hope you enjoy the photos throughout the newsletter!

Save the Date!!!! Next year’s New Clothing-New Beginnings

Distribution will start on July 17 , 2017!

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