Thanks everyone for attending today! We had a great turn out and I really appreciate everyone hanging in there for our discussion regarding what the kids like and dislike.  Thank you for your comments and please continue to give me your feedback.  Our goal this year is to be more ‘trendy”!

We had new volunteers!  Thanks for joining us!

Housekeeping items
Please make sure you place any returned items (fabric, notions, yarn and patterns) in our large wicker basket.  We trying very hard to make sure everything is current.

Fabric, yarn and patterns
Please use the fabric, yarn and patterns we have purchased instead of your stash or donations you received, unless you are purchasing like items. We are trying very hard to have all currents styles and I notice many of the clothing items we donated were not created with the fabric we purchased.   If you see a pattern you like, please email or text it to me and I can look at it and buy the pattern when they go on sale.  Also make sure the fabric matches the size you are making.  Fabric for a 6 year old does not work in a size 12-14 skirt (yes we had some of those).

Size tags are available both at the office and on our website.  If you are printing them from the website, please make sure you are using card stock and securing with yarn and a safety pin.  The size tags should be attached under the left arm.  We found many regular paper tags and the ribbon used to attached laying in the wardrobe boxes.  Because we allow the kids to separate the tops from the bottoms, size tags need to be attached to box items on the left side.

Please make sure you are finishing the seams on your items.  Because we use 100% cotton fabric (with the exception of tutti fruiti), the seams really ravel when washed.  You don’t have to buy a serger or cover stitch machine, so please make sure you are using a tight zigzag or multi stitch zigzag to prevent your seams from raveling. 

2018 Likes and Dislikes

This has been posted on our website, so please review and email me with any comments.  We created this by utilizing the comments from both the kids and our volunteers shopping with the kids  We had a unique opportunity this year to have volunteers who were not familiar with us, shopping with the kids so their comments were directly influenced by this shopping experience.  Styles change and we are changing with the styles!

I felt we needed more detailed girl clothing guidelines you can post in your sewing area, so I am working on that and will post it to the website when done.  Do you have anything I should add, please let me know.  I need all the help you can give me!

Please do not make crocheted or knitted headbands until we find a pattern that works for us.  We found that many of them had the foundation row that did not stretch. 

We had 3 solid red hats turned in, please remember we do not accept solid colored hats.  I have removed these from inventory and will need someone to take them at the next Open House to accessorize them.

As stated earlier, scarves have run their course and we will return to key chains for the girls so they can customize and accessorize the generic backpacks they are given from BTSCD.  We have identified a non-profit who will take the scarves that have been created.  For October ONLY, you can bring in your scarves that have not found a home.  Please do not add these scarves to your inventory sheet.

Skirts, we had lots last year and already have lots this year!  I realize they are quick and easy to make but our goal is for the girls to select an outfit so they need tops. Sizes through 10, girls are still liking dresses or matching tops/bottoms so if you don’t want to make a top or give a t-shirt some love, please attach the largest piece of the fabrics used so we can customize a t-shirt to match. Matching a t-shirt with sizes 12 and up really doesn’t work for that age group, however we can give a t-shirt some love for these sizes.  We have found that ruffling the neckline ribbing really isn’t as popular any more, so please cut the back of the ribbing and turn it down for a sleeker look.  Shorting the sleeves and changing the hem lines are still very popular.  If you would like to learn how to do this or help us out customizing these t-shirts, please let us know. 

Zippers are usually used to create more form fitting clothes and because the girls can not try on the item, if possible please try to use buttons and snaps when possible .  Our zippers are great for purses!!

We are going to be using some of the items turned in to create a handout of items we think the kids will really like.  Mary will post these pictures to the website also, so keep looking there for updates.   While keeping with this idea and trying to have current styles, we would like some focus groups of girls ages 5-8 and 9-12 to give our items a thumbs up or down.  We will be creating a secret Facebook group to help us in viewing our items.  We would like to have several focus groups so we have different views so if you have a daughter, granddaughter, niece or young person that would like to help us out please let me know.  Items can be viewed in person or on the Facebook group.  My idea is to have different groups review items in different months so we are not overburdening anyone.

Send me your favorite sewing or yarn tip!  You all have tips/tricks and we would like to create tip sheet to add to our website.

Bring your scissors, knives, and garden tools to our next Open House on October 13 so Will can make them sharp!  Please place your items in a plastic bag with your name and cell phone number and he will sharpening your items while we have our meeting.  Prices start at $2 with your smaller scissors and knives with $4 for standard scissors and knives. He also will do your gardening tools at great prices. We will not have him again until next March or April, so remember your items in October!

Thank you so much for all your hard work this past year and we are going to have great next July distribution because of all your efforts.