We had a great Open House! Thanks to all who attended and or the inventory turned in.

I shared a very nice thank you letter from a young lady who appreciated us spending our time making clothes for her and the sweet lady who helped her shop. We also had several new ladies who have joined us. Welcome! We appreciate you helping us out.

I showed examples of purchased tops and how we can make the same by modifying t-shirts and using patterns we have in stock at a fraction of the cost. I will keep these items on display with our creations.

We had a very successful wallet workshop. Thank you for helping us to create the 2,500 wallets we need. If you are making boy shirts and don’t plan on making wallets, please bring in your scraps so those making the wallets can utilize them. The fabric needs to be at least 8 inches wide.  I am attaching our latest wallet pattern for you to use. We have had many versions and sizes of wallet patterns in the past so we would like for you to only use this pattern. We would like for our wallets to be consistent in size and style.  Once we have reached our goal of 2,500 wallets for the boys, we will accept wallets for girls. Please keep in mind that last year only the older girls, 5-6th grade, liked the wallets. The k-4th girls really preferred purses. We do an awesome job on purses!

Our next Open House will be on November 9 and Will’s Sharpening will be there to sharpen your scissors.  After our meeting, I would like to spend a few hours creating Santa Bags for OCJ Kids.   This will be our 3rd year creating these bags for the group homes so they can carry the Christmas gifts they receive at their Annual Christmas party. We make them the cloth bags so they don’t have to use black trash bags. If you have any Christmas fabric to donate, we would love it!  The bags will need to be created that day as we do not have any meetings before the holidays. 

We will not have any meetings in December or January. Our annual appreciation luncheon from BHHS Legacy will be on January 11 at the Beatitudes Campus,  same place as last year.  Reservation deadline will be December 31, so please let me know if you can attend.

Thanks for everything you all do for the kids!

If you only want to receive emails for distribution only, please let me know.


Wallet pattern