Hi everyone!

Our latest recap is attached! Boys first—we should be okay on pillowcases as I know about 100+ that should be coming in.  Wallets—-mmm let me get with Walt and see what he has made and not turned in.  Shirts, we are about 200 short from last year, so if you have any not turned in, please email the numbers so I can accurately order t-shirts to fill in.

Girls-I will order t-shirts to match the number of bottoms we have and we should then have about 2,700 outfits for the girls.  This is very slim pickings for the girls and who knows if we have the right sizes.  I am going with the feeling that our biggest need is sizes 6-10 so if you are inclined to continue sewing, please concentrate on those sizes.  I thought we were close on jewelry but we are short 719.  I do have about 120 to add.  I felt we were going to be short in purses-about 600, but I do know that many of us (me included) have added a matching purse to an outfit and failed to add the purse to the inventory.  So if you are a crafter, we need jewelry and purses.

You can drop off finished items at the Back to School offices until Friday, June 29.  Please, please make sure you call the office ahead of time 602-256-9408 and talk with Janette to make sure she will be there.  Please put your inventory sheet and items on the big conference table in the room with the fabric.

We will be meeting at 35th Ave Sew and Vac on Sunday, June 24 and you can bring your items to us between 10-2.  Going thru the rest of the summer, we will not be having Yarn it Forward or Thursday Sewing Days until September.  Our next sew day at 35th Ave is July 22 and we will be busy setting up for distribution.  If you elect to go and sew, please do not bring any inventory as we will not be there to collect it. There will be a sew day at 35th Ave on August 26

As of my last conversation with Karl, 4,300 kids have been registered from the schools.  The foster families have said they will be registering 1,600.  That is a total of 5,900 kids to receive our items!  We do realize that we will have a percentage of registered kids not attend, so hopefully if we meet our goal of items for 5,000 kids, we have enough items.

If you haven’t signed up to help out at distribution, please email me!  I will send out an preliminary email to all who have signed up after July 4.  If you do not receive and email, PLEASE email me ASAP as I must have missed you.  Beginning July 15 another email will be sent with all the particulars regarding parking and arrival at GCU.  If you signed up a group and did not send me emails for your group, please make sure you forward them my emails.  Also as in previous years, you will receive an email for each shift you are volunteering.  So if you are working all day, you will get an email for the AM shift and one for the PM shift.  Please make sure you receive an email for each shift.   Here is a recap of when we need help:

Sunday set up (9-1)  5-10 needed

Monday AM (7:30-12:30) FULL
PM (11:30-4:30) 5-10
Evening (4:30-8:00) 10-15

Tuesday AM 15-20
PM 10-15
Evening 10-15

Wednesday AM 15-20
PM 10-15
Evening 10-15

Thursday AM 15-20
PM  5-10
Evening 10-15

Friday inventory count/boxing up 5-10

I need volunteers to shop with the kids and sit down at an accessory table.

Thanks for everything you have done for the kids!