We had a great Open House seeing over the top cute things for our kids and sharing ideas for making scarves.  I apologize for the delay in this recap, but the following week was a busy one with sewing at the Beatitudes Care Facility with the lovely ladies there, the Wells Fargo Chandler Connection Fair on Thursday and our pillowcase event at 35th Ave Sew and Vac on Saturday.  We had fun and welcomed 11 new volunteers.  If you have a volunteer fair at your workplace and would like to include Stitches of Love, just let me know.
Inventory–Mary is working on the April numbers but I can tell you we need tops sizes 5-14.  All styles/colors, but plain colors would be great to match all the colorful skirts we have created.  Skirts are needed in size 14 and 16 and dresses in 1/2 sizes and size 10.  If you are making boy’s shirts (of which we are doing AWESOME), we need sizes 6,7,8 and 10.  In the accessories, we need hair items, jewelry, skinny scarves and pillowcases. Many, many thanks to 35th Ave and their customers for the 100 created on Saturday.  Please remember our guidelines of using like fabric, no top stitching unless decorative all around the cuff and all seams finished either via serger or French seams. If you wash them, please iron them as we want them to look nice.  5,471 kids have been invited thru the schools, we have 4,200 kids registered with more expected this week, so please continue to sew, craft, knit and crochet!
We have overwhelmed Sue Hulton with all the ‘diaper’ bags you all have donated.  We will continue to collect bags for her as well as we collect socks/underwear for Judy’s House and toilet paper, paper towels, feminine products and deodorant for males/females for Family Promise.
Distribution–WOW if we blink it will be here!  I have sign up sheets starting with setup on Sunday, July 16 from 9:00– to about 1:00 and shifts each day 7:30-12:30 and 12:00-5:00.  Please let me know what day/shift you want to work and also your preferred job, sitting at an accessory (which one), shopping with the kids or helping out with stocking and wrangling hangers (my most hated job!).
Do you have something you want us to review at our May 13 Open House? Don’t forget Will’s Mobile Sharpening will be at our June 10 Open House to sharpen your scissors.
Many thanks for all you do for the kids!