What a great turn out! Many items were turned in to help us reach our goals.  Distribution will start on Monday, July 22.  I am assuming set up will be on Sunday, July 21.  As of right now, Thursday evening will be our only evening for the foster kids so we will focus our evening volunteers on Thursday.  I will have signup sheets at our next meeting on May 11, shifts will be 7:30-12:30 and 11:30-4:30 and 4-8 on Thursday evening. This will give those who work all day time for lunch. If you need different hours, please let me know, we can work it out.

We honored our dear seamstress Joyce Williams whom we lost a few years ago.  When going thru her sewing supplies, we found 3 of her purses that she had created for the girls and we have placed them in a shadow box along with a picture of her (a very rare catch!) and a star symbolizing her beloved Dallas Cowboys.  Joyce and her husband had been very involved with Back to School Clothing Drive going back many, many years and we truly appreciate all they have done to keep us going forward.

Our latest inventory is on our website. What do we need? TOPS of course! I would like to be able to offer the girls who are a size 12-16 2 tops instead of a top/bottom, but we are going to need to increase the top inventory for that to work.   

Regarding the accessories, please remember that we are only creating the items that we have listed and please stay within our guidelines. We have limited room to display our items for the kids to shop from and need to utilize our space with our standard items.  Also please create these items along our requested sizes and styles as we have determined that these work the best for our kids. Patterns are on our website so if you have any questions, please ask.  

Also please remember to use caution when gluing on fabric. We had some cute fabric purses turned in and the top portion was hot glued, so I took them home and put them thru the wash and part of the glue dissolved and all of the fabric edges raveled. If you use glue, please wash the item to see how it holds up.  

Many thanks to Cindy for hosting our Dollar Store Bags to Delightful Bags event.  Everyone went all out to turn these plain canvas bags into bags I am sure the girls will select.  She also had a great turn out for the class regarding using the Knifty knitter loom.  I hope you learned some new tips and stitches. 

Many thanks to Lynn Warren’s sister for her raffle donation of the Steamfast iron and ironing pad.  We raised over $30! I have this iron and it is the best small iron I have ever used. 

We still need help with our pillowcase event this Saturday at 35th Ave Sew and Vac.  I realize it’s the day before Easter, but this is the standard event day at the store and this is when they have the most customers.  Shifts needed are all day 9-3, or 9-12, or 12-3.  If you stay all day, lunch will be provided.  If you need different times, please let me know.  An email will be sent on Thursday to all who have signed up. 

Walt made a super, duper tool for poking out those corners (and it does not poke thru the fabric) and he is selling them for only $3.00.  Also they are not flimsy and have a good feel in your hand. He will have some at our next Open House if you would like to purchase one. 

Sew and Yarn day will be at our center on Thursday,  April 25 and Sew day at 35th Ave Sew and Vac on Sunday,  April 28.  We hope to see you at one of our events.  Our next Open House will be on May 11 and bring your scissors for Will to sharpen. 

Thanks for all you do for the kids!