We had 4,298 smiles from kids selecting their items from Stitches of Love!  We had about 3,298 school kids and 1,000 foster kids.  Great job everyone  Many, many thanks to all our volunteers who helped during the week.

In a light review of the volunteer surveys, here is a recap of what we learned.  I will have more details for our September Open House.

As we know, girls still love pink and purple!  In addition, both girls and boys also like red, blue (medium and light) and yellow.  Both really like bright colors!  I have not bought any brown yarn for at least 3 years, however we had various shades of brown (tan, beige, gold and dark brown).  Bottom line, neither liked brown.  So going forward any shades of brown hats and scarves turned in will be removed from inventory and immediately donated to a shelter.  So please save us the work and do not turn in brown hats and scarves.  Let’s spend our precious time using colors the kids like.

We will be sewing at 35th Ave Sew and Vac on the 4th Sunday, August 26, if you would like to come and sew or play with yarn.  Please bring whatever you are working on as we do not bring any supplies.  Also going forward ALL items turned in at 35th Ave Sew and Vac MUST have an inventory sheet attached. Gloria and I would like to enjoy this time creating also. If you don’t have an inventory sheet, you can print one from our website.  Just a piece of paper with your count listed will be good also, just note boys or girls and the number (and sizes if needed) of each item.

Thank each and everyone of you for all you do to make this past week so successful.  The kids receiving our items were very appreciative.