Hi everyone!

Can you believe Saturday will be our last Open House for the kids for this summer! Please plan on stopping by between 9-12 to drop off your inventory and pick up supplies for our September Open House, we will not have another drop off until September.  As with our previous months, we will not have a meeting, drop off and pick up supplies only,  but in accordance with CDC guidelines, masks will not be required if you have been vaccinated or have the antibodies via a positive case. Also as in previous months, please do not bring a guest with you so we can minimize the number inside. 

Will also will be here to sharpen your scissors, knives and gardening tools.  Prices start at $5 and cash only.  Please have your items in a plastic bag with your name, cell number and cash and he will sharpen them while you are inside.  I will have chairs outside for you to wait if needed.

I am also attaching our latest inventory.  While our numbers don’t look the best, I feel, after this Open House, we will have enough to serve the kids that are being selected.  As stated in a previous email, we will not have our usual distribution, but selecting items for the kids then having the districts pick up the boxes for the schools.  Fingers crossed, next year will be normal so we will need to double our inventory!

I wanted to mention a book I read last week, Make your own Sunshine by Janice Dean.  As I am reading her stories of people making their own sunshine, I am reminded that each one of you are making our sunshine for lots of kids who need it!  So each item that you create is part of that sunshine.  She also quoted Mr. Rogers to “look for the helpers” and that definitely we are all helpers.  You can check out her book at the library in either book or e-book form, it is worth the read.

Thanks everyone for all you have done for the kids this past year and we hope to see you this Saturday.