Hi everyone!
It is time for our first meeting of 2019.  We have several things planned.  A girl scout troop will join us before our meeting and hopefully you can all help to support them by buying a box of their delicious cookies.  Most are $5.00 with a few being $6.00.  I am also planning a pillowcase sewing fun event, plus we need a few to help cut out pillowcases and help to kit them.  We will be using sergers, but if you want to use your sewing machine we can show you how to create them on a regular sewing machine.  We will have 4-5 sergers on site, but you are welcome to bring your own.  In addition to sewers and cutters, we also need volunteers to help pin the cuff to the bodies and help to iron.  We will have something for everyone to do!  We will start after our meeting and plan on leaving around 3:00, so you are welcome to bring snacks.
We hope to see you on Saturday!