Thank you to all who attended our NEW January Open House. Hopefully we will be able to return to the Beatitudes January 2022 for our appreciation luncheon.  In place of our luncheon this year, Legacy purchased 100 insulated bottles engraved with our new Stitches of Love logo.  We will have them to hand out again at our February and March Open Houses. 

Inventory turn in was awesome! Thank you all so much.  We had some great tops turned in, thank you!  We will continue to showcase fabric that is perfect for tops.  We also are trying to purchase more top patterns as many have been selected to go home with you. What sizes do we need, sizes 10-12 as this is what we typically run out of.  There was a discussion regarding matching our purchased t-shirts with skirts.  Our t-shirts sizes are as follows, small sizes 6-8, medium 10-12, large 14-16 so please make sure your skirt size matches the t-shirt size.  Also please make sure your appliqueing matches the t-shirt size.  While we know that girls sometimes need a larger t-shirt, but as a standard we need to keep the appliques appropriate to the size.

Unfortunately we are really lacking in knit fabrics. I have been searching online but it’s hard to find prices we can afford.  Hobby Lobby has some very nice knits and this week are 30% off.  Jane and I are both purchasing some knit fabric.  If you enjoy working with knits, please let me know and we can set some aside for you.  We would prefer not to cut it into small yardage sections.  I did go through the large box of knits and found some 4 way stretch white fabric that would make some nice tops.  I also found alot of 2 way stretch but I am not sure if they will work with our newer knit patterns.  I placed them on the bottom shelf with a label indicating 2 way stretch if anyone wants to test it out. 

FYI-please make sure you are using the correct fabric for the pattern.  We had a very cute dress turned in that was created with cotton fabric but either the pattern was for knits or they forgot the zipper.  I had my neighbor’s daughter try it on and unfortunately it was not possible.  I will have it out at the February Open House if anyone has any ideas on how to modify the dress. 

Thanks again for everything you create for the kids and we will see you in February.