Welcome to our first Open House for 2024!  We will be there from 9-12 with our meeting 10-10:30.  Please do not come during this time to shop for supplies or drop off inventory as it is difficult with the area full of us sitting in chairs.  The plan is to have a sit down meeting every other month with supplies pick up and inventory drop off in between.  Our next sit down meeting will be in April and then the last one will be in June.

We need a volunteer to help Patty at the check in area.  We would need you there by 9 and until about 11.  If you can help out, please reach out to me so we don’t have multiple volunteers.  Thanks!

One thing from the November meeting was we received about 12 solid color hats and 2 were the dreaded brown.  They were very well made but again we can not use solid color hats and never any hue of brown as the kids just do not select them.  

Thank you to whomever has been making the flowers, please remember to leave yarn tails so we can use the tails to tie on to the solid color hats. 

Upcoming events.

Feb 14 – Sew day at the Beatitudes Campus, call me for details
Feb 22 – Sew/yarn day at the BTSCD office Thursday, 9:30-1:30
Feb 25 – Sew/yarn day at 35th Ave Sew and Vac, Northern location 10-3
Hopefully we will see you this Saturday!