2021 New Clothes, New Beginnings Annual Distribution

Planning is now underway for the 2021 New Clothes New Beginnings Annual Distribution. When the details are available, the following information on this page will be updated. Please check back again in the future.

The annual Back to School Clothing Drive, New Clothes, New Beginnings, Summer Distribution event is the largest volunteer event in the Valley taking place each July at Grand Canyon University. More than 140 schools and over 5,000 elementary school students attend the week-long event in the #gcuheartofPhx on the beautiful Grand Canyon University campus. Corporate volunteers from over 30 companies and organizations Volunteer their time to make this event the most popular and requested by employees  and civic organizations.  Join  us as a Corporate Sponsor, Volunteer, or organize a School Supply Drive and support our programs!


Welcome Partner Schools and Organizations!

This is where it all begins, where the excitement of the summer event starts to materialize. Here is where you register your school and organization. Please read through the Registration Guidelines to view important information, including  links for Guidelines,  Coordinator release  forms and  Eligibility.
Successful management of such a significant number of children requires complete compliance with our procedures.

Please Note: Schools and organizations that consistently do not meet their registration and attendance commitments will be dropped from the program and replaced with other schools. Back to School Clothing Drive reserves the right to take this action based on a school’s historical performance in the program.

Each invited group is assigned a date and time of arrival, as well as a specific number of students. Click here to retrieve your school’s information

The school or district coordinator must provide:

  1. The school’s information and consent (located on the school registration)
  2. Student information, clothing sizes, and parent’s contact information (see Student Registration Forms and Size Chart
  3. Dental screening consent form. Bring these to the event, for any child who will participate in that portion of our program


You will find all the necessary forms and information at the blue buttons on this web page. If you choose to send a form home for parents to fill out, it is important to explain we need accurate information. We hope the Size Chart is useful.
When you receive the student orders back from parents, you or a staff person will need to enter their information online.

Students will receive the size that is entered by you / your staff.  If children receive incorrect sizes at the Distribution event, you are asked to make exchanges within the school clothing closet.

Student Orders may be entered online for multiple students at one time by clicking “Add another student”  After the last student for that data entry session is entered
Print a summary
Click “Submit
You may return to the website to enter additional students as long as you do not exceed your assigned number of students allowed.

For questions contact Janette Lopez, Program Administrator, Back to School Clothing Drive at 602.256.9408.