Thanks everyone for their inventory turn ins on Saturday!   You all kept us hopping.  Only one thing, someone turned in a top and a pair of hand crafted shorts.  Please remember we do not accept hand crafted items – to be blunt and clear – with a crotch.  We are unable to safely fit a child with these items.  After our June Open House, we do purchase leggings for the girls to supplement our inventory.

Our Luke Air Force Base will be on base on August 1 from 3-8PM.  We are hoping for about 600 kids and I will need to recruit volunteers for this event.   You will need to email me as soon as possible if you would like to help with this event.  I will need to obtain base clearance for you so I will need your driver’s license number and issuing state (if not Arizona) and your full birth date (yes, including the year).  My goal is to have 5-10 volunteers for set up on July 31 from 1-3 and 25 volunteers on August 1 from 3-8. I may need 5 volunteers on August 2 from 8-12 box up what is left.  Our goal is to leave as much as possible on base for their clothing closet.  We can try and arrange some carpools to make it easier.  Please email me as soon as possible if you would like to volunteer as Luke would like the names by next week.  Honestly,  I don’t think I can get all the needed volunteers by next week.

Distribution Sign up

Go to the Back to School Clothing Drive website

Click on Sign up to Volunteer and scroll down. The Volunteer Information Sheet is an overview of distribution.  Not necessary for us to read but it is interesting.

Scroll all the way to the bottom and click on Volunteer Sign Up and enter your contact information.  I had some issues and found that you don’t need to use periods or dashes unless it is in your email. Click on Next
For the organization drop down, we will use BTSCD. Click on Next

The shifts are not listed in date order, so look for the ones you want and note the shift numbers. Shifts are Sunday 10-3 (or when we are done), Mon-Wed 7:30-12:30, 12:00-5 and 4-8 (this may run a bit later but hopefully not). Thursday is packing up and will be 7:30-12:30 or when we are done. At the bottom of all the shifts, you will see “Which shift would you like to sign up for”.  Click on “Please select” and use the drop down to select your shift number.  You can only click 1 shift at a time.  There is then a box to add a minor under 14.  The minor will need to stay with you all the time, since we are making sure the clothes fit our kids.

You will see ” I’d like to sign up for another shift: click on “please select”, select Yes, click on your additional shift number.  Click on submit.  

The “under 14 area” appears to be included with the additional shifts, just ignore and select your next shift as noted above.  

You should receive an email confirmation.

If you have any issues, please email me.

Thanks Sandy