Hi everyone!

Our last Open House of 2022 will be this Saturday 9:00-12:00 with no meeting, just drop off inventory, pick up supplies and chatting if you want.  Our next Open House will not be until February 11 so plan accordingly.  Fingers tightly crossed, we are planning our appreciation luncheon sponsored by Legacy tentatively scheduled on January 14 at the Beatitudes.  As in the past, reservations are needed by December 16 with menu details available later.  I will have a sign up sheet at this Open House or you can email me.  No inventory will be available and no inventory will be accepted at our luncheon.

We have key chain and paracord kits available, but due to having created only what we need, I will need you to sign them out.  We have sample key chains in each kit and because we received donated beads, which required much counting and we didn’t have enough hands to count, we probably put in way too many beads.  Please return any left over supplies and we will add them to the supplies for next year.  The paracord are hard on fingers because they need to be tightly tied so we need young or agile hands to volunteer to make them.  Bank of America has taken 1,500 but we need another 1,000 to be completed.  They are in 10 bracelets kits and we do have written instructions.  I will need them returned by April as we then need to finish by securing the ends and I would appreciate them being turned in starting in February so the finishing process can be started as soon as possible. 

We hope to see you Saturday!