This month is a very special month for elementary school children throughout the Valley as they return to school. You remember your first day of school and how excited you were to show off your new school outfits, sneakers and backpacks. I know I do. Most children don’t think twice about these necessities when they start school. But for children whose families can’t afford these items are hopelessly out of reach and as a result their concentration, self-confidence and self esteem suffer.photostrip

Each year more than 3,000 volunteers just like you provide hundreds of hours of volunteer time to our organization. Time is valuable and so are the school supplies that you help us to provide the 25,000 children we serve annually. During the week of July 18 alone, the Back to School Clothing Drive Annual Distribution event helped almost 9,500 children them prepare to return to for school thanks to supporters like you.

However, there are still more children needing your help. Did you know it costs just $100 to completely outfit one child with two polo shirts, two shorts, three pairs of socks, three pairs of underwear, a belt, sweatshirt, and several handmade accessories?  A $50 donation pays for five pairs of shorts, and $15 pays for a backpack filled with school supplies.

There is still time for you to help these children with a monetary donation as our summer campaign continues through August 31st.  For every dollar donated, the BHHS Legacy Foundation will double your donation!

Can we count on your financial contribution? Every dollar counts, and thanks to BHHS Legacy Foundation, your dollar will double! Twice the impact. Donate here.