What volunteer opportunities are available for individuals and groups?

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The majority of our volunteer opportunities take place during our Annual Distribution each July. There are morning and afternoon shifts each day of the event. Depending on the day, volunteers are used in the following areas: inventory management, backpack stuffing, personal shopper, department store “worker”, set up or tear down. We also offer a number of administrative volunteer opportunities [...]

Who is eligible to participate in Back-to-School Clothing Drive (BTSCD) programs?

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BTSCD provides services directly to eligible Title I public elementary schools, school districts using McKenny-Vento Homeless Funds, ARREA Funds, Migrant Program, or other funding sources; select charter schools; domestic violence shelters, and other nonprofits by invitation. We are not a direct service provider to the public. Individuals needing clothes for their children should contact their child’s elementary [...]


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