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Your voice is their chance to make their stories heard.

Back-to-School Clothing Drive

Breaking down barriers to early-childhood education success.


Student Attire for Education offers matching grants to schools that shop in our store to fill their onsite clothing closets. All proceeds from the store go right back into the program to fund additional grants.
Order your uniforms from our retail store today and help us help children all over the valley.

New Clothes, New Beginnings

Each July, more than 10,000 students benefit from our clothing distribution through our partnership with the BHHS Legacy Foundation’s “Backpack Buddies” program.

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Check out what’s happening this year at the New Clothes New Beginnings distribution event.


This program consists of over 100 volunteer designers who spend all year making clothing so that our students can start the school year with something that was made just for them.

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There’s a bigger picture.

With 1 in 5 students living in poverty, school officials report that if children don’t have clothes or supplies they will often stay home from school. Our goal is to break down these barriers to education success. Giving clothes and supplies gets them into the classroom where they acquire the knowledge and tools they will need to achieve and advance.

  • “I’ve never had my own book before.”
  • “Now I don’t have to share my toothbrush with my brother.”
  • “Are these shoes my very own?!”
Give a Brighter Future

They need you. We need you.

You know how important education is. Give them the confidence to do well. Give them the chance to succeed.

Your donation makes a big difference.

Thank you.

Join BHHS Legacy Foundation, Bank of America, and KPHO CBS 5 as sponsors of our premiere event: New Clothes, New Beginnings! This is ideal for companies whose social responsibility prioritizes children and education. It offers top-level media coverage, visibility, and the ability to create a company-wide community service project, team building exercises and more.

Volunteer with BTSCD to see the way they light up.

There are many different volunteer opportunities:

  • Backpack (Stuff and/or distribute backpacks)
  • Department (Measure or Fit each child with shoes or clothes)
  • Personal Shopper (Escort student through each department)
  • Computer Inventory (Scan clothing choices of each student, backorders)
  • And more!
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Your voice is their chance to make their stories heard.

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back-to-school clothing drive

Do you remember your first day of school?

The excitement you felt showing off your new clothes, cool sneakers, and backpack? Well, that’s not what it’s like for Shaquille and the 25,000 kids just like him that we serve each year. You see, they face embarrassment and ridicule just because their families cannot afford new clothes. Instead, they must put food on the table and pay this month’s rent. Shaq, show up at school wearing the one shirt he owns, worn-out shoes, and you can forget about a backpack.

For almost five decades, Back to School Clothing Drive has helped break down barriers to early childhood school success by providing new school uniforms and outfits, backpacks and school supplies to K-6 grade students who desperately need them. These children whose family are living at or below the federal poverty level (approximately $30,000 annual income for a family of four) attend Title 1 public elementary schools throughout the Valley. Our products are school uniforms, but what we deliver is self esteem, self confidence, and a successful start to school for Shaq and thousands more just like him.

Our mission is to provide new school outfits and uniforms, backpacks, and school supplies to children in need. We help break down barriers to early-childhood school and education success.
Each July, more than 9,500 students benefit from our “New Clothes, New Beginnings” clothing distribution through our partnership with BHHS Legacy Foundation’s “Backpack Buddies” program.  Our Student Attire for Education (SAFE) program offers matching grants to schools that shop in our online store to fill their onsite clothing closets. All proceeds from the store are invested back into our program to fund additional grants and help more children. Finally, Our Stitches of Love program consists of 500 volunteer seamstresses who sew clothes all year so students can return to school with an item that was handmade just for them.

With the help of our volunteers, corporate sponsors, foundation grants, and donors, Back to School Clothing Drive allows students to focus on what’s truly important –  getting an education.

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